Damaged Tires frustrating you?

Have your tires repaired in in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas

Your tires have seen thousands of miles, a variety of different terrains and many roads of varying quality. It's inevitable that your tires will experience wear and tear. Smiths Lube and Repair Tire offers the services you need to restore your tires to a drivable condition.

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Tires can experience many more issues than going flat. Your tires need to be in the correct alignment and balance, and they need to have a tread deep enough to keep your vehicle safely planted on the road. Here are some of the services we offer to repair your tires:

•Reseal your tires to prevent leakage, especially during the winter
•Patch your tires after puncture damage
•Balance your tires to make your ride smoother

We work with any tires that are 19.5 in and below rim size. Give us a call today